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About Us

About usHello there and thank you for visiting our website!

We are citizens of the world, a multinational family enjoying travelling and discovering new places with our daughter. We have had the opportunity to travel to many places prior to having kids but on the blog we concentrate on sharing the experience of travelling together with our youngest to more than 20 countries so far. Gav’s boys are much older and only join in our trips once in a while.

All started with our Instagram account @familyoffduty in 2016. This was a way to collect our own travel memories. It soon grew into a lovely community of like minded parents who love enjoying time with their children and sharing a passion for family travel. It inspired us to start this blog, to share our own experience with our readers but also to host other bloggers and their adventures and provide you with new ideas and fresh travel content.

Our goal is to inspire your family to travel more by sharing essential info and tips on how to make family travel easier, cheaper and more enjoyable for everyone through our blog posts.

We love travelling with our daughter as often as possible on long weekends and school holidays, but ultimately our dream is one day to be able to travel long term with her. We hope to show her the beautiful world we all live in, to teach her about other cultures and local history and to be more tolerant of the diverse cultures in our world.

About us: Meet the family

Thass: The boss and person behind most of the pictures, not in front of them! She loves city trips and learning about different cultures.

Gav: The adventurer and person behind most of the (action) videos. He loves travel gadgets and gear. He is always interested about the history of the places he visits and needs to be pulled out of the museums.

Vix: The enthusiast and the person in front of most pictures and videos! She loves swimming pools, beaches, playgrounds and public parks – you better find at least one of them in every trip otherwise you will be in big trouble! A seasoned traveller already.

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