Tips for Road Trip With Toddlers and Babies

Tips for your road trip with toddlers or babies

Long road trips can be exhausting and boring for many people, but especially for younger kids. Not easy for parents either; how many times can we answer “Are we there yet?” without losing our cool? For small kids times just seems to drag on and they often have no concept of mileage and map. Toddlers and … Read more

Tips for Traveling by Plane with Toddlers

The best tips for flying with a toddler and have a stress free trip

Family travel can be stressful, especially with young children. Disrupted routines and the confusion of travel can result in unhappy kids. This is especially true for babies and toddlers who may miss their naps or just the comforts of home. But what if I told you that flying with a toddler doesn’t have to be … Read more

10 Best Gifts for a Traveling Male Partner or Friend

Best travel gifts for men

Looking for the perfect gift to give your travel loving partner, father or friend? Check out our list of best travel gifts for men. At gift giving times of the year like birthdays, Christmas and Father’s day it always seems to be increasingly difficult to come up with good ideas for men’s gifts, when people seem to … Read more

10 Beach Activities that Families Love

fun things to do at the beach with kids

Beach day is a favorite in our house during the summer months. We pack the boogie boards, sand pails, and sunscreen for some much needed rays and relaxation. While kids love the idea of going to the beach they can grow bored of making sandcastles and laying on their beach towel. We spend the whole … Read more

Best Audiobooks for Family Road Trips

Find here a selection of the Best Audiobooks for Family Road Trips and enjoy a good story during long or short car trips.

Find here a selection of the Best Audiobooks for Family Road Trips and enjoy a good story during long or short car trips. What do you do to pass time during a long journey? Do you like to read, play games or be productive? I get headaches and car sickness if I try to read, type, … Read more

Best pop up tent

Best pop up tents on the market

We reviewed the best pop up tents for quality, durability, ease of set up and cost. Browse through our reviews and find the best pop up tent on the market. We’ve got 99 problems but setting up our camping tent is not one of them! That’s because we have found a great solution for camping … Read more

Unique travel gifts

unique travel gifts ideas

Looking for gifts for people who travel a lot? Find the best gifts for travelers and unique travel gifts ideas for kids, parents and for the whole travel family here. Sometimes choosing travel gifts for people who love to travel can be very hard. Especially because the best gifts for travel lovers include, well, travel! But … Read more

16 Things to do before vacation that don’t involve packing!

Things to do before vacation

Looking forward to your trip? Preparing the house for vacation is a very important step. First check this list of things to do before vacation.  Woot Woot, you are off on vacation!!!  Sometimes we get so caught up in packing our bags and getting to the airport that we over look some important things that we really … Read more

6 ways to entertain kids while travelling

How to entertain kids while travelling

Family holidays are always exciting but what to do with kids during the car trip, long haul flight or other waiting time? Here are few tips to entertain kids while travelling. Summer holidays adventures are finally here and many of us are getting prepared for a long road trip or perhaps flying with the kids … Read more