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Best pop up tent

Best pop up tent

We reviewed the best pop up tents for quality, durability, ease of set up and cost. Browse through our reviews and find the best pop up tent on the market.

We’ve got 99 problems but setting up our camping tent is not one of them!

That’s because we have found a great solution for camping last year and we have used it ever since! They are the pop-up tents (instant tents or self erecting tents if you prefer…).

If you are relatively new to camping maybe you don’t know what exactly a pop up tent is and the difference between a conventional tent. A traditional tent may be bigger and taller but sometimes one person cannot set it up alone as you need extra hands. The setting up is a long process and taking it down ever longer.

We have great fun watching others setting up their tents now while we just unzip our tent and it erects itself up. My family and I have camped out of our pop-up tent many times and for longer stays having a great time without wasting any time!

We have quite a few tents but I am going to tell you this: We have not used any other camping tent since we bought our pop up tent. The reason? First and foremost, convenience! One toss in the air and voila; sleeping and shelter problem solved! Other reasons are that the pop up camping tents normally weigh less that traditional tents making them perfect for sport lovers to carry around too. They are also much, much easier to pack than a conventional tent.

I have had a few of my followers interested in learning more about pop up tents, and you may just be here for the same reason, so I decided to write a pop up tent reviews guide. This guide will help you understand what makes a good pop up tent, how to pick the right one for your needs and things to consider before choosing between a instant pop up tent or a traditional camping tent. And of course I am going to give you the list of best camping tents!

Tent reviewedNameOur ratingPrice
Quechua 2 second Fresh & Black Pop Up Tent5/5
Pinnacle Tents Pop Up Camping Tent - 2 Person4.8/5
Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent4.8/5
FiveJoy Instant Pop Up Tent - 4-Person Family Sun Dome4.6/5
Winterial 2 Person Instant Pop Up Camping Tent4.5/5

Why buy a pop up tent?

Even though pop up tents are not the most spacious tents around, they are extremely functional and do help save you a lot of time. They are definitely cost effective compared to other good quality tents. So the reason to buy a pop up camping tent includes:

  • Speed of set-up: These tents are ready to use in a matter of seconds.
  • Price: a good conventional tent will definitely cost more than a pop up tent.
  • Design and material: they are very lightweight tents and therefore don’t take as much space or are not as heavy to carry.

What to look for when buying a pop up tent

There are a few details you need to take into consideration when purchasing an easy pop up tent.

For instance, let’s think about the weather: What type of weather will you be camping in? What time of the year? Is it going to be light very early?

Think as well about the space you need: How many people is it for? Do I need a separate space for gear?

And let’s not forget budget, everyone has one!

Tent Size, weight & Shape

When purchasing your first tent, it is important to take into consideration the size of the tent you think you need. Pop up tents are generally available in either 2-man, 3-man or 4-man sizes but there are bigger models around. The larger the tent, the heavier it will also be to carry around. And do you need storage space? If so, you might want to purchase a tent that has extra storage space.

Review of Quechua 2 Seconds Tent


The best pop up tent will protect you for the weather conditions you normally camp in day and night. Is it going to be in the heat of the summer with long days? Then you need a tent with UV black out material and netting with overlay flaps. If you are going camping in colder, snowier regions, than a heavy-duty tent to keep you warm. Rainy weather? Then there are extremely high quality waterproof tents to help you here.


Durability is one of the top aspects while searching for a tent. No one wants to be spending money over and over. Everyone needs a tent that can  withstand longer periods of sun, wind and rain out in the open.


We aim to find that cost effective product which will provide you with a great product for the price. As with many outdoor items, you will find good ones and not so good products. Some products are budget but not necessarily good, while some expensive products won’t deliver what other cheaper models do. So it is always important to research before going out to buy your tent.

With this review guide buying an easy up camping tent will be an easy process.

These 4 features were our set of criteria to evaluate all the pop-up tents and separating the best from the rest of the pack of amazon pop up tent. We have also also separate the guide between lifestyle category such as backpacking, minimalist, families etc. You can use these features to help guide your decision making and ensuring that you buy the right self pop up tent for you.

Top 5 pop up tents

Quechua pop up tent

If you have read our full review you know that we are big fans of the Quechua tents. The waterproof Quechua Fresh and black is the best overall camping tent we have ever found. You might not know the Quechua brand well but they are committed to providing extremely outdoor friendly, functional and  effective gear to make your adventures more enjoyable.

Their smart material makes this tent so lightweight and durable that you have years of happy camping without having to worry a bit. This pop up design has a double wall and will stay dry under heavy rain.

It is not the cheapest model around but does provide much more than other models do and it is worth every penny! To start is has the Fresh and Black patented material which will give you darkness any time of the day! No more waking up early in the summer.

It also helps reduce tent temperature with its heat reduction function. The ventilation is amazing with a design that is totally water and bug proof. We have tested it out in rain and sun!

The set up? The easiest thing! Literally a toss in the air and you are done! Depending on where you are camping, you may not even need the stakes (which comes included in the bag). The taking down takes a little bit of getting used to but once you have done it a few times it will take you less than 30 seconds.

To say that this camping tent has made our camping experiences a lot more enjoyable is a understatement. We have even done a bicycle trip with this tent. So this is our number one choice. The tent comes with a carry bag with a shoulder strap making it very portable and easy to carry.

Review of Quechua 2 Seconds Tent

This is the overall best pop up tent on the market and get more than what it is worth.

Simple set up and taking down
Total darkness
Heat reduction
Very durable
Very lightweight
High quality materials
Only available for 2 or 3 persons


Coleman pop up tent

 The Coleman 2-Person Pop-up Tent is a very popular lightweight pop-up tent among the outdoors brands. It is a high-rated, premium product and regarded as one of the most durable pop up tents that you could find on the market today. The Coleman 2 person pop up tent is one of the smallest around, although you can get Coleman 4 person pop up tent too. So it is definitely one of the best pop up tent for backpacking, hiking and camping for 2 people or great as an extra tent for the kids.

It is one of the cheapest high rated pop up tents so will allow you to get the best value for your money. It is a very affordable tent if you have a under $100 budget.

Due to a sturdy and well-balanced construction, this tent is durable and stable. The top part can be removed for star gazing and relaxing, which is a nice touch and makes for a great ventilation. However, this mechanism will not make this tent the greatest leak proof around. With wind and rain the cover will keep flapping, making noise and leaving space for water to infiltrate.

The set is very quick but the take drown is a bit more challenging. Another disadvantage we did find was the fact that the tent loose set up speed after being used multiple times.

Easy set up
Light for transport
Portable design
Ventilated and bug-proof
Star gazing
Stable and durable
Small design
Not 100% leak proof


Fivejoy Pop Up Tent

With the FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent four to five persons can enjoy their camping trip comfortably. It is definitely one of the largest designs for big camping tents. This pop up family tent solves a big problem families normally face while searching for an easy and lightweight tent. It is also perfect for small families who are looking for a tent with extra space.

As a good pop up tent it does set up in no time. Due to the fact that it is a larger tent, dismantling time is a little longer than the smaller models. However, it is way quicker than any traditional tent out there.

It has a great multi-functional design with 2 exits, additional handy loops where you can hang some of your lanterns, storage pockets and mesh window.

The polyester material of the tent also has been PU coated and this will ensure that you are in a tent resistant to UV rays. Therefore protecting your family members’ skin against the harmful sun rays. That being said, the tent does seem to protect more from the sun than from the rain. The only negative we found about this large pop up tent is that it may not be 100% leak proof if the conditions get harsh.

In terms of pricing this is a little more expensive model but again you can fit 4 persons.

Review of Quechua 2 Seconds Tent
Simple, automatic pop up tent
Family or 4 person pop shelter tent
Fast fold and highly portable
Thoughtful design
UV resistant

Not as reliable in extreme weather
Not so compact as other models


Winterial Pop up tent

 The Winterial Instant self pop up tent is yet another great camping tent option for you.

The tent is easy to assemble as it pops right up into a ready tent. Like other models it doesn’t require any other tool to assemble and should only take a few seconds to set it up. It collapses very quickly too making it a convenient two person pop up tent. Apart from camping, it also one of the best pop up beach tent or one that you can use in your backyard. Even campers may enjoy this tent for an extra sleeping area as it doesn’t take space to carry around on a road trip.

As per manufacturer statement it is a water resistant tent, not water proof tent. That means it is not a heavy duty pop up tent and will not withstand heavy rainfall. So if you are going somewhere with rainy weather conditions this might not be the best tent for you.

Nevertheless it is a compact design easy up pop up tent but with spacious room for 2 person to sleep comfortably. Durable quality fiberglass poles and hook ensures stability, while an included handy carry bag improves portability.

There are two windows on the tent and a large door for easy access. Those windows also provide good ventilation but prevent bugs or other animals from coming in.

Portable with shoulder strap carry bag
Easy access and ventilation
Durable design
Easily collapsible

Not suitable for extreme weather conditions
Only for 2 persons


Pinnacle pop up tent

Another great little tent with instant set up feature to get your camping ready soon. Just throw it in the air and you are done. No poles to put together, thread or rain fly needed. The taking down is very easy compared to other models too, it takes about 3o seconds and you are done.

The fast setup feature and high standard materials take all the hassle out of camping leaving you free to enjoy the good stuff. They are so proud of their quality that they offer a lifetime warranty for their spring steel frame. That says a lot about a product, don’t you think?

This small pop up tent can accommodate two people and it perfect for festivals and camp-outs. It can serve as a single person pop up tent too leaving space for gear and belongings.

It is highly waterproof with all seams taped but if you are going for extreme weather you can purchase an optional rain fly to make this a fours season tent.

3 second set up
Lifetime warranty Spring steel frame
Exclusive 3 ring structure design for superior wind stability
Highly waterproof
No poles to remove or lose

Small ventilation windows


Tent reviewedNameOur ratingPrice
Quechua 2 second Fresh & Black Pop Up Tent5/5
Pinnacle Tents Pop Up Camping Tent - 2 Person4.8/5
Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent4.8/5
FiveJoy Instant Pop Up Tent - 4-Person Family Sun Dome4.6/5
Winterial 2 Person Instant Pop Up Camping Tent4.5/5

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