#Familyoffduty round up

For a while now I have been thinking of sharing more pictures from our #familyoffduty community on Instagram. I try to share one every week but I realize it is not enough space for all the great adventures and pictures that we get in that hashtag.

So I decide to publish a monthly #Familyoffduty round up to feature more families here in the blog.

“What is this #familyoffduty community after all?” you may be asking.

Well, glad you asked! If you are not familiar with this Instagram hashtag, let me introduce it to you! #Familyoffduty is the hashtag that we use to post pictures of families, well, off duty. If you are not working or studying and doing any other stuff we’ve got to do, what would you be doing “off duty”? I know I would be walking in the beach or travelling with my daughter. You might be doing something else; like cooking or reading or going to your favorite outdoor area with your family. It doesn’t have to be necessarily travel. Whatever you do when “off duty” we assume it must be something enjoyable for the whole family. So this is what #familyoffduty is about: families enjoying a leisure, quality time together.

So if you haven’t yet please start using our Instagram hashtag when publishing posts about family lifestyle and quality time for a chance to be feature.

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Here I have picked some recently published posts using #familyoffduty hashtag that I absolutely loved, in no particular order.

Families off duty round up


I love this account. Laurie and her family always have the best adventures.



Cutest beach bum ever, right?!



What is better than enjoying the light and colours of Autumn?



This family looks like a lot of fun!



I love the outdoor pictures from Elizabeth!


Hiking into a snow shower on our way to Cub Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

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For more mornings like this, please!



When you snap a picture in paradise!



I just love this picture so much!



Beautifully curated account.



There is always fun to be had in snow.



Smiles for miles.


Conquering the ropes courses on The Atlantic Ocean! I love how cute they look in their little harnesses? My favorite part about the ropes course on the Norwegian Getaway was the “Walk the Plank”, where you could walk over the side of the ship?? second favorite was the zip line! Have you ever done a Transatlantic cruise before? How was your experience? ❤Michelle aka Mama Bear . . . . . #ropescourse#norwegian #norwegiancruise #norwegiancruiseline #norwegiangetaway #cruising #familycruise #crusingwithkids #wearetravelmums #travelrenegade #goadventuretogether #outandaboutwithkids #oawk2 #cruisetraveladdict #thewanderingtourists #exploringfamilies #HLTocean #familyoffduty #funlifecrisis #thetravelaesthetic #TheTravelingFriends #parentswhowander #thecuriouschild #parenthood_moments #childrenseemagic #themotherhoodcorner #gettingmommywithit #honestlymothering #my.travelblog #travelingblogger @mommawanderlust @wetravel_because @travelmums @awesomelife.style @travelingmom

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The 3D artwork looks amazing!!



Family travel and fun times.



Beach time is good time.



Self time at the house of the “boss”of the US.



They had a fun date.



You can’t resist Paraty.


Morning cuddles in the most enchanting @airbnb wishing I could pause this moment ??? #momentslikethese #familytravel

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Magical travel moments.



I love this capture. So much to learn about Cambodia


It’s temple time again. We visited these young monks in Siem Reap. Some of them where only 8 years old and lifed at the temple together with other kids. It’s very normal to do so in Cambodia, being monk for a year is part of their education. • • • • #templevisit #monks #temple #tempels #monniken #orange #colours #templeschool #almostfearless #goadventuretogether #tinybigadventure #reizenmetkids #reizenmetkinderen #travelwithkids #travelwithchildren #tmom #travelfamily #showthemtheworld #makingmemories #lonelyplanet #childhoodunplugged #adventureswithchildren #travelkids #parentswhowander #familyoffduty @worldschooling.central #kleinewereldreiziger #tinytraveler #travelmadfam #adventureswithchildren #kiddiemundo #nofilter

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All their picture are stunning!


Beaching in November. I’ll take it. ? #makingupwords

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Long weekend and extra snuggles.


I hope you spent the long weekend getting some extra snuggles ? We saw lots of friends we love at a BBQ and a couple birthday parties and had family in town – we even made it through a record 10 minutes of mass without someone causing a scene (Johnny loudly barking like a dog). ??‍♀️I loved every minute of the last few days even the barking! But really… I am totally amazed at families whose children all sit there like angels ? What conversation takes place in order for this to happen or are your kids just really that good? . Today we did an adventure to see the majesty of Missouri at Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park and it was awesome. I had to abandon my camera and phone to do the waterfall waterslides with the kids. I decided I need a waterproof camera for days like this! Does anyone have one they love? Any @gopro owners out there?

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Disney time.



The simple things.



When Paris doesn’t impress.


Believe it or not, Eva did actually enjoy her trip to Paris as much as we did ? #VisitParis #TravelBefore2 #TravelWithAToddler

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Going to the Great Wall of China is an epic adventure!


So here we are!

Take a chance to have your photo featured in the blog too and use our #familyoffduty hashtag! Every month I will share my favorite pictures!

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